Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hard Candy Powder keg

I have recently bought this product because they were having a sale at wakmart an dI got them for only $2! I love sales!! LOL Anyways, I have always wanted to try loose shadow and I am so glad I finally got the chance! I got this product in the color Spark and Kryptonite and I really like both of the colors. The only thing that I didn't really like about this product is that I found out that the powder would come out alot and it would fall off making a little mess. I did however Like the brush that came with it and I really liked the packaging.
I really loved how the cap would pop off them there would be a little handle coming out for you to pull out so that the powder would not get everywhere

NinJump IPod app

So yesterday I was looking for soime fun games to download  onto my ipod and I cam across this really cool app called ninjump and it was free, so I decided to try it out adn when I started playing I was addicted! The game is so much fun! And it is so simpl basically what you do is you press the screen for the ninja to jump from one wall to the other and you try to collect birds,goffers, and ninja stars. you also try to avoid other ninjas and bumps in the wall. I totally recomend everyone to try this out, it is free.


Ok I know alot of you have already bought products from this company but I just really wanted to tell you guys what I got and tell you a little bit about them. These products are from they sell bath products and they are all made with organic products! Their products are not too expensive. They are totally worth your money. I got the Mr.Whippy bath bomb, Something wicked this way comes bath melt, Dreamtime bath melt, strawberry feels forever massage bar, and the ice blue soap. All of the products worked amazing! I love them so much! They smell so good and they are very strong! Mr.Whippy bath bomb smells like strawberries and it looks so cute. I will post a pic below. My favorite product would have to be something wicked this way comes bath melt! I loved the smell of it, and that when I got out of the bath tub it was so mosturizing. The dreamtime bath melt was also very mosturizing and it smelled really good too. The strawberry feels forever massage bar smells soo good and it feels amazing! I love the smell so much. I have bought one of the massage bars before and it smelled terrible,so I am really liking the smell of this one. And the last product is the ice blue soap. It smells great! I like that it lathers and exfoiliates very nicely. Overall I really loved these products and will deffinetely be purchasing more.

 ice blue soap cost $5.95

strawberyy feels forever massage bar cost $9.95

 mr.whippy bath bomb cost $4.95

something wicked this way comes bath melt cost $5.95
dreamtime bath melt cost $5.95
Heeeyy everyone today I have an amazing company to tell you about. This company is called Pinc Stuff.. They sell jewlerly and handmade items. Sheryl Ng is the girl behind Pinc stuff. How does she do it? Well she makes all the stuff herslef with absolutely no help at all from anyone. She makes Earrings out of polymer clay and also makes earrings and rings out of wire and beads. She makes super adorable pillows which have a name and a sotry behind them. I recently bought some of her earrings and rings. All of the products are very cheap they do not cost alot at all. They are absolutely adorable and I will be buying some more of their products and I will tell you guys what they are what they are like. If you want to check out their site you can go to

 whipped cream charm for cellphone or necklace only $8.50 and comes with free necklace chain.

 ice cream cone charm! so adorable! The first ice cream cone is mint chocolate chip with pieces of chocolate on it. The second one is strawberry ice cream with a piece of chocolate, strawberries, heart, and peppermint stick. cost 12.50

 Fortune cookie earrings! They also make clip ons too. They cost 12.50

New Blog!

Hey everyone! This is my first blog post! I am so excited to  show yall all about me! I will be doing alot of product reviews and tutorials on things!! I hope you guys like my blog and Get to know me a little. I am a girl who loves country music. I play the guitar and I love life! I am so excited to get to know all of yall as well!