Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heeeyy everyone today I have an amazing company to tell you about. This company is called Pinc Stuff.. They sell jewlerly and handmade items. Sheryl Ng is the girl behind Pinc stuff. How does she do it? Well she makes all the stuff herslef with absolutely no help at all from anyone. She makes Earrings out of polymer clay and also makes earrings and rings out of wire and beads. She makes super adorable pillows which have a name and a sotry behind them. I recently bought some of her earrings and rings. All of the products are very cheap they do not cost alot at all. They are absolutely adorable and I will be buying some more of their products and I will tell you guys what they are what they are like. If you want to check out their site you can go to

 whipped cream charm for cellphone or necklace only $8.50 and comes with free necklace chain.

 ice cream cone charm! so adorable! The first ice cream cone is mint chocolate chip with pieces of chocolate on it. The second one is strawberry ice cream with a piece of chocolate, strawberries, heart, and peppermint stick. cost 12.50

 Fortune cookie earrings! They also make clip ons too. They cost 12.50

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